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Who do you think they are,  … the keepers of our space?

Inter-dimentional wolf packs that haunt the human race?

With fear, deceit and pain they don’t need the sword or plow,

Just spineless politicians that milk the sacred cow.

While angels in the whirlwind burn the grounds below –

From planet poles reversing volcano fires flow.

Tsunamis swab the coastlands, tornadoes churn the air

And men melt into madness cause Christ don’t seem to care.

Legions of demons converge like a pestilent, blistering scourge.

 Their creatures ascend to the earth, then struggle to power the curse.

Wormwood rising from Orion. Summoned to  God’s “great and terrible day”

Pious creeds are crippled, desperate or dying

As Eli leads us where we gather to pray.

Troops are taking Wall Street and sackcloth veils the Sun.

Hail stones level ‘Main Street’ fore Righteous Wrath’s begun.

Quakes that last for hours shake loose what hope was lost.

When terror crashed The Towers did tears fall from The Cross?

Billions of angels amazed as they witness the end of our age.

Heart-stopping visions arrayed, viewed through the Ancient of Days.

God’s forgiven man but man’s forgotten God!

Man’s forgotten God.

by: RickLambert    –    11/11


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